About our Law Office

Based in Arizona, we are a successful, dedicated, and hard-working team of lawyers that have experience in a number of fields. After first launching, the Law Office of Anne Bailey soon gained a solid reputation within the industry and we were able to grow and offer more services as time went on. Now, we offer a superb service for Arizona residents regardless of whether you need estate planning services or someone to help with the drawing up of your will. 

Estate Planning - As mentioned, one of our core services relates to estate planning and what will happen should you or a family member pass away. Currently, this is a topic that not many people like to discuss but a lack of a will or trust has ripped many families apart, so we aim to remove the possibility of this happening. 

Wills and Trusts - Secondly, we can provide professional advice on how to set up an estate plan so that your possessions go to the intended recipient after death. When you contact us, we will ensure that the correct beneficiaries have been outlined as well as the best route to take to ensure that the majority of your estate is not lost to tax. 

Administration of Estates - If you already have a will or trust in place, we can ensure that everything has been evaluated correctly and that the debts are handled after your death before then dividing the rest of your estate in accordance with your wishes.

Power of Attorney - Whether it is to look after finances or health care, we can arrange a power of attorney so that decisions can be made on your behalf when it comes to finances or your health when you are not in a position to do so yourself. 

As well as these services, we can also help with death transfers, business formation, irrevocable trusts, emergency planning, general business, and even business planning and asset protection. 

At the Law Office of Anne Bailey, we are all dedicated to providing the best service possible and you can see that we are successful at what we do in our many positive reviews. If you are interested in any of the above or want to find out a little more, please feel free to contact us today and we will gladly answer your call!